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Chile is a country of beautiful contrast. From gorgeous, white sandy beaches with stunning azure waters to the driest desert in the world, the plentiful vistas will captivate any traveler. Let the warm sunshine encompass you as you roam the streets of Santiago, absorbing the city’s eclectic vibe. Wander around Easter Island, where more than 800 ancient Moai statues have puzzled archaeologists for centuries. Indulge in scrumptious freshly-caught jaiba (crab) or ostiones (scallops) as you peruse a local fish market. The scenes and sounds of Chile await you.

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Small Group Tour Patagonian Explorer by Land & Sea
Santiago, Torres del Paine, a 4-night cruise from Punta Arenas to Ushuaia, then El Calafate & Buenos Aires; optional Iguazu Falls extension
$8599 w/ Flights $7699 Tour Only 14 days
per person, double occupancy*

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  1. Magdalena Island

    This remote island in Patagonia is home to Chile’s largest Magellanic penguin colony. Enjoy a scenic boat ride on the Strait of Magellan, the only way to access the island. Disembark and walk along the rocky terrain, where you will witness more than 350,000 penguins playing and digging burrows. These adorable creatures aren’t even three ft. tall! They are very friendly, so don’t be surprised if they just come up and say hi. You’ll also have the chance to see sea lions, seagulls, South American fur seals, and the island’s famous red and white lighthouse. The best time to visit is from November to March.

Fast Facts

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Capital: Santiago
Population: 17.91 million
Currency: Chilean peso (CLP)
Languages: Spanish
Drives on the: Right
Time zone: UTC -3

Entry requirements Please see our Entry Requirements page.
Staying Healthy

There are no health requirements to enter Chile, including no risk of malaria. Ask your doctor about possible vaccinations for typhoid and hepatitis.

Center for Disease Control
World Health Organization


The best time to visit Chile is October thru March. It seldom rains during that time and humidity is low. May thru August is the cold and rainy season from Santiago south. Temps range 70-90 F year round during the day, except the far south. Nights can be cold, so take a sweater or jacket.


10% in restaurants and hotels. Do not tip taxi drivers, though you may leave them change from the fare. Tip bellhops Ch$500-$1,000 per bag.

Money & Credit Cards

ATMs are everywhere.

Always notify your bank prior to departure to avoid any problems using your credit or debit card while traveling.


Chile is best known for blankets, wool rugs, pottery, wines, lapis lazuli, models of Easter Island statues, shell necklaces, bronzes, purses, silver jewelry, ceramics, and copper items. Bargaining is not common where prices are posted, but can be tried in markets and smaller villages, especially if you have to ask for the price.

Electricity & Power Adapters

220 volts. Plugs C & L. You will need a voltage converter and plug adapter in order to use U.S. appliances. We recommend getting a universal adapter and converter kit.

Learn more about electrical standards around the world.

Cell Phones & Internet

Want to take your cell phone, tablet or laptop, but not sure how to get cell service or wifi? Read up on using your cell phone abroad and the top 5 ways to get Internet abroad.

Did you know?
  • Chile holds the world record for number of fireworks exploded in one night – 16,000.
  • There has never been a drop of rain in the Atacama Desert.
  • Sopaipillas (aka pumpkin fritters) are a popular street food that can be either sweet or savory.
  • A wine variety called "carménère" was originally from France and was thought to be extinct, but was later rediscovered in Chile!
  • Nobel Prize winning poet and politician Pablo Neruda hails from Chile.
  • The layout of the streets and buildings of Santiago was designed so that citizens could take shelter if the city was attacked.
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