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Northern IrelandNorthern Ireland

From rolling green hills and enchanting castles to lively cities and mysterious natural wonders, Ireland is full of charm that captivates travelers from around the world. Whether you bar hop through traditional pubs amongst the cobble-stoned streets, stroll the quaint seaside towns and villages, walk along ancient walls, or visit the famous landmark of where the Titanic was built, there is no shortage of what this magical country has to offer.

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Explore Ireland in depth: historic Dublin, the scenic Ring of Kerry, the dramatic Cliffs of Moher, cultural Limerick, bohemian Galway & more; optional extension to Northern Ireland

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  1. Belfast

    City Hall, BelfastLocated on the opening of the River Lagan, Belfast is the capital and the largest city of Northern Ireland. This exciting city is swarmed with decedent restaurants, traditional pubs, lively culture, friendly locals, historic museums and relaxing parks. In fact, Belfast is home to thousands of acres of parks for local and visitors to wander! About 1/3 of Northern Ireland's total population lives in Belfast, resulting in vibrant nightlife scenes. Belfast is most famous for being the birthplace of the Titanic, the world-renowned ship that struck an iceberg and sunk back in 1912. The city's ideal location made the shipping industry thrive, which is why the massive cruise ship was constructed at this shipyard. Other important landmarks and popular destinations in Belfast include the Albert Memorial Clock Tower, Opera House, City Hall, Botanic Gardens, Queens University, and so much more!

  2. Titanic Belfast

    Titanic Belfast exhibitYou know the movie, but do you know the real story behind The Titanic? Titanic Belfast opened in Northern Ireland in 2012, at the very spot the RMS Titanic was built over 100 years ago. This museum recreates the story of the world's most famous ship through nine large galleries, interactive exhibitions, an underwater cinema and gantry rides spread throughout its six floors. Listen to haunting audio accounts from real passengers aboard The Titanic the night the fated ship sank. This incredible museum experience opened to the public just in 2012, and it remains one of the most popular tourist spots in Northern Ireland to this day.

  3. Giant's Causeway

    Sunset over Giant's CausewayStanding as the only UNESCO World Heritage site in Northern Ireland and located on the north coast, Giant's Causeway is sure to attract tourists from all over the world every year. This mysterious landmark was formed over 60 million years ago when a volcano erupted red-hot lava onto the Earth. The lava was quickly cooled by the sea, which led to the crystallization and creation of over 40,000 interlocking basalt hexagonal columns. According to legend, this unique landscape was formed by the mythical giant, Finn McCool. Long ago when giants roamed Earth, they battled each other in order to expand their own kingdoms. It is said that Finn McCool was challenged to fight with Scottish giant, Benandonner. Giant's Causeway was constructed by McCool in order to create a land bridge stretching across the North Channel from Ireland to Scotland; however, the causeway was destroyed when Benandonner fled in fear of McCool. Travelers from all around the world come to explore this magical place and journey into the myths that accompany it.

  4. Derry

    Cannons in DerryFounded in the 6th century by St. Columba, Derry (also known as Londonderry) is Northern Ireland's second largest city and port. This city is well-known for it's surrounding walls, which were built in the early 1600s to protect the town from the Gaelic chieftains in Donegal. When visiting Derry, it's a must to walk along the 1 mile long, 30-feet thick walls, which stand among the best-preserved walled cities in Europe and the largest ancient monument in all of Northern Ireland. The walls divide two communities: the Bogside and the Waterside. The Bogside is a Catholic ghetto famous for it's intricate murals, and the Waterside is a Protestant enclave. Let Derry captivate you and get lost in the history of this timeless city.

Fast Facts

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Capital: Belfast 
Population:  1.811 million
Currency: Pound sterling (GBP)
Languages: English
Drives on the: Left
Time zone: GMT (UTC 0)

Entry requirements Please see our Entry Requirements page.
Staying Healthy

There are no health precautions or requirements to enter Northern Ireland. Food and tap water are safe to consume. 

Center for Disease Control
World Health Organization


The weather in Northern Ireland is notoriously unpredictable. It is not uncommon to experience a variety of meteorological conditions within a single hour. As with much of Ireland & Great Britain, the province is particularly susceptible to rain. 


In restaurants and taxis, tip anywhere from 10-15% (12.5% is the norm). Some establishments include a service charge on the bill, so be sure to check first. Tipping at counter-service establishments, such as pubs, is optional, but always appreciated. 

Money & Credit Cards

ATMs are widely available in large towns and major credit cards are accepted by most hotels, shops and restaurants. 

Always notify your bank prior to departure to avoid any problems using your credit or debit card while traveling.


Some of the most popular items sold in Northern Ireland are Bushmills Irish Whiskey, Belleek Pottery, Steensons Jewelry & Bog Standard Candles. 

Electricity & Power Adapters

240 volts. You will need a voltage converter and plug adapter in order to use U.S. appliances. We recommend getting a universal adapter and converter kit.

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Cell Phones & Internet

Want to take your cell phone, tablet or laptop, but not sure how to get cell service or wifi? Read up on using your cell phone abroad and the top 5 ways to get Internet abroad.

Did you know?
  • The Titanic was built and launched from Belfast Harbor in Northern Ireland.
  • Northern Ireland makes up of only 3% of the total UK population, making it the least populated country in the UK after Scotland.
  • Northern Ireland is the smallest country in the United Kingdom.
  • Almost half of Northern Ireland's population is under 30 years old, resulting in a flourishing and lively nightlife throughout the region.
  • Northern Ireland is divided into six counties—Antrim, Armagh, Derry (Londonderry), Tyrone, Fermanagh, and Down.
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